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This 2-hour class encourages and
empowers transportation professionals to
move forward from feelings of helplessness toward being prepared to handle a wide variety of potential threats.

Steps for Survival

Online Course for Transportation Professional

From the moment the school bus doors open to welcome a student aboard in the morning to the time they are delivered to their destination, students are in the care of transportation professionals. These can be some of the most important and dangerous minutes in a student’s day.

At ONE Training, we heard the call from transportation professionals who had been attending active shooter preparedness trainings geared towards classroom teachers for years. You wanted content that made sense to you, and you wanted the same tips and methods, applied to a moving school bus. Your feedback led us to create our Steps for Survival for Transportation Professionals course.

This program leads transportation professionals through a series of exercises and lessons that are created with the specific advantages and disadvantages of being on a bus in mind.

Key Elements of the Course Include:

  • A brief history of attacks on school buses
  • Studies and exercises on stress inoculation
  • Methods to be an effective decision-maker
  • Options available to you during an attack and how to use them
  • Adaptations of the federally recommended Run-Hide-Fight response
  • Situational awareness methods
  • Methods to counter an attack that anyone can use
  • How to spot trouble and react
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This life-changing class will not scare you or present you with gory images, but it will allow you to see your life-saving potential in a new way and embrace that newfound power.

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ONE Training LLC is dedicated to one mission, “Our Mission is to provide real-world solutions to save lives from an active shooter attack.” We are founded by a SWAT Operator who is partnered with Subject Matter Experts from FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, NYS Homeland Security, Navy Seals, Delta Force Operators, and Detectives who have studied active shooter attacks since 1985.

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