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Tips for approaching school boards regarding security measures in your district are now available.
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Empowering. positive.
Life Changing.

We empower school, business, and healthcare personnel to confidently respond to an active shooter attack, save lives, and secure our future.

Empowering. positive.
Life Changing Active Shooter Training.

We empower school, business, and healthcare personnel to confidently respond to an active shooter attack, save lives, and secure our future.

Certified Online Training Courses

Discover the ultimate online active shooter training solution for school staff – One Training! Our platform offers certified online courses that empower your team to train year-round, all through our user-friendly interface. Our comprehensive completion reports keep a detailed record of certifications, tracking your staff’s progress and engagement. Experience top-tier customer service that sets the industry standard. We’ve created customized courses meticulously tailored to match the distinct needs of different positions within the school environment.

It Starts With You. Invest In Your People, Save Lives.​


Healthcare safety presents its own unique challenges. We help ensure that everyone is considered when preparing for an unfortunate attack.


ONE training provides evidence-based strategies and proven techniques to protect students and staff if they are faced with an active shooter on a school campus.


Be proactive with your business in order to protect your people, minimize injury and loss of life, and safeguard your establishment.


Our nation’s government facilities are entrusted with providing a safe and secure environment for our government’s most essential functions and assets.

Responsive Active Shooter Training

To better serve our clients, ONE Training LLC has launched its active shooter response courses online. Our dedicated trainers are standing by to help you find a training approach that suits your organization’s needs. We remain committed to providing the nation’s leading active shooter response training. Learn more about our new virtual training program today. 

Blended Active Shooter Training

We provide virtual and onsite training, as well as the option to combine the two learning methods. We have created our programs to ensure your staff has a consistent training experience, online and/or onsite. Our programs can be adjusted to suit your training needs as subscription plans, one-time events or role-specific courses. Whether training is held online, onsite, or a combination of both, our tailored programs ensure that each trainee is equipped with life-saving knowledge and skills.

Active Shooter Response Training To Meet Your Unique Needs

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Thank you, NSSPA, for naming ONE Training LLC as America’s #1 preferred training!

Our Mission Statement

ONE Training LLC is dedicated to one mission, “Our Mission is to provide real-world solutions to save lives from an active shooter attack.” We are founded by a SWAT Operator who is partnered with Subject Matter Experts from FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, NYS Homeland Security, Navy Seals, Delta Force Operators, and Detectives who have studied active shooter attacks since 1985.

Based In Syracuse, NY, USA
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