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NYS districts are eligible for aid though Herkimer (CoSer 613-7470) & OCM BOCES (CoSer 646-050).
ONE training meets the requirements for Act 44 in PA.

Customized for every Stakeholder

ONE Training LLC is the only training company offering modules with specialized content for different roles within an organization so that all stakeholders are prepared with consistent, effective, and realistic methods to protect students. Our courses address the challenges and strengths of each role, while maintaining common factors to ensure consistency. A one-size-fits-all approach to active shooter preparedness can leave staff feeling scared, less prepared, and fearful because it does not address issues specific to each role.

Created by Subject Matter Experts

ONE Training LLC courses are supported by live Subject Matter Experts. Unlike many online training options, we know that questions come up. Learners like feedback and this topic should be handled with the care it deserves. That is why our subject matter experts from the FBI, SWAT teams, NAVY SEALS, Delta Force, Crime Scene Investigation and Crisis Management are available to online learners. Comments and questions submitted in our modules are never answered by automation- every response comes right from the experts.

Not Available to the General Public

ONE Training LLC courses are NOT available to the general public. Although we get requests often from concerned citizens, our focus is on saving lives and ending the story of active shooters in America. The only way we can do that is by ensuring that strict protocols are followed in terms of enrollment and delivery of content. We will only enroll groups that have been checked by our team in appropriate settings. We train educational facilities, government agencies, healthcare locations and select corporate clients only. In this way, we add an additional layer of protection for your staff.


Steps for Survival

For Classroom Teachers


Steps for Survival

For Transportation Professionals


Steps for Survival

For Greeters and Front Office Staff


Steps for Survival

For Substitute Teachers


Steps for Survival

For Support Staff



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Thank you, NSSPA, for naming ONE Training LLC as America’s #1 preferred training!

Our Mission Statement

ONE Training LLC is dedicated to one mission, “Our Mission is to provide real-world solutions to save lives from an active shooter attack.” We are founded by a SWAT Operator who is partnered with Subject Matter Experts from FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, NYS Homeland Security, Navy Seals, Delta Force Operators, and Detectives who have studied active shooter attacks since 1985.

Based In Syracuse, NY, USA
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